As a child, I grew up in the countryside of Llandysul, Wales, with the field as my playground and animals as my companions. There has always been an understanding between me and nature; I utilize it as a channel for life. At a young age, I was introduced to growing fruit and vegetables as a small source of our household food supply. We work and nurture the land while receiving sustenance in return.


Sustainability became a subject dear to me for years to come. My family and I later moved to the Philippines where we built a new home. My father was an exceptional carpenter. As construction came nearer and nearer to it’s completion, the workers started to disappear and the fine details just needed were the furniture. My mother and I helped make our new belongings so working with wood and other natural materials have always had a familiar presence to me.


With all of these influences introduced to me throughout childhood, the interest of the subject has always remained close to me. With my curiosity about sustainability ever-growing, Losgann has also been a self-exploration of a greater level of self-sufficiency of which I felt the need to experience.